Farrow & Ball Christmas table runner

I expect I’m not alone in mixing and matching tables for Christmas Day (does anyone own a huge dining table anymore?). This year I’ll be working an informal combination of my garden table, set alongside my kitchen table (!)…. so we can attempt  to all eat together.

To be honest, that’s as far as my thinking about table settings had got, till news of this limited edition Farrow & Ball runner arrived.

Modelled on their Ringwold design in sohpisticated silvery hues, and made from wallpaper, it’s a perfect way to make Christmas tables look elegant, festive and decorative, without having to invest in a new tablecloth. And at generous 5 metres long, there might even be some left over to use as wrapping paper.

Wallpaper table runner, £20, Farrow & Ball . Images courtesy of Farrow & Ball

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