Keep Cosy this December

IMAG0610On days like today, my woodburning stove is definitely my favourite part of the cottage. I’ve mentioned it before (Candlesticks) but it’s -8 degrees outside, and doesn’t feel much warmer indoors, so the stove is both much loved and needed. Even with it going full out last night (here it is – with an empty log basket, help! More chopping required I think) I was feeling the chill: I’m going to ask for a blanket for Christmas, so I can cosy up by the stove, watch telly (current favourites go from one extreme to the other – The Killing and Made in Chelsea, both on catch up) and attempt to hibernate till spring time….

Cornwall’s The Atlantic Blanket Company is a blissful place to browse for blankets: just looking at these images makes me want to reach out and touch them.

















Blankets and throws above by The Atlantic Blanket Company 

Indigo & Rose  stock throws with a traditional Nordic Pattern: in both ice blue and rosy red, two of my much-loved decorating shades.















Whilst bargain hunter extraordinaire Alison Cork’s lambswool throws from her online boutique Alison at Home are well-priced and soft to the touch: these two, with their relaxed checks and soft grey hues, are both tempting…

alison at home lambswool-white-grey-check-throw lambswool-grey-white-check-throw

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