Archive Colours: new from Fired Earth

It’s Fired Earth’s 30th birthday and to celebrate they’ve launched Archive Colours, a new capsule paint chart inspired by their huge library of paint shades. Each Archive colour packs a visual punch: from deep blue to warm terracotta, these paint shades are perfect for making a design statement on your walls. FEPCPLATESRS1LR

They’ve given each shade an imaginative, quirky name: choose your favourite, from the wonderfully deep blue Jazz Cafe (background above and wall colour below) to the fashionable emerald green Mad King George:

Darker, warm shades include Terracotta Warrior, a homage to the company’s name:


Whilst this warm, corally pink (it looks more fuschia here than it does on the paint chart) is named after Eton Mess, the pudding made with meringues, cream and strawberries:


Another warm shade is Delias Secret: this sandy yellow was named after their favourite spices such as turmeric, cumin and saffron.


For lovers of paler hues, Hansel and Gretel, below, is a soft blush pink: with its gentle, soothing tones, it reminds me of English country cottages and faded, sprigged cotton curtains.


[All images, Fired Earth

Which is your favourite? Let me know…

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