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Cool Nordic tones: accessories for autumn/winter

Once the nights start to draw in, the autumn air and low light seem to influence my colour choices, and so I find I increasingly turn towards cool neutrals when decorating. Nordic House capture the essence of Scandinvian style with their carefully chosen homewares; their new Autumn/Winter collection is filled with thoughtful, sometimes quirky pieces that you won’t see everywhere else. Lanterns range from grey-toned wooden (where you’d expect metal) and oversized (where you’d assume small) glass-faceted hurricanes; textiles are super soft in both tone and to the touch, whether fluffy lambswool or shimmering velvet; whilst decorative details are intricate: these wooden panels (there are three to choose from) will turn any wall into a work of art: 55507lb213





[all images, Nordic House

… and it wouldn’t be winter without a splash of red, that most Scandinavian of bright shades. These and their extensive (shh) Christmas accessories are all online now, so do take a peek and let me know which you’ve loved best….

Get Organised

Urgh: being organised. Who manages it? The whole idea of a Mums Organiser just makes me feel like a complete half-wit who can’t even source a decent pair of elasticated-waist trousers. (Why Mums? I don’t know who should feel sidelined or patronised the most – mums (so hopelessly disorganised they require their own stationery? or, alternatively, the only kind of adult trusted with organisation?), dads, those without children (whether thankfully or otherwise), grandparents? Or maybe these lucky people are just tip-tapping their dentists appts into their ipads and merrily remembering everything at a touch of a screen…)

But hey ho, rant over – there’s not getting away from the fact that I need some organising so here are two products I’ve found recently that should help me on my way….

cachette organiser

Cachette is a French-based company selling an interesting mix of interiors products – do take a look – I love their product selection; great for a ‘where did you get that’ present. Their wall planner (above) is both practical and attractive – (quite an achievement – take a moment to search for others and you’ll see what I mean).


I’ve also spent far too much time this week putting off working by browsing the lovely Nordic Elements site: I think this magnetic steel organiser was created for children’s rooms but I love its design, with its romantic St Basils-esque turrets. Nordic Elements is a great place for sourcing excellent Scandinavian design (which we all know we can’t get enough of right now, here in the UK). Happy organising!